Scenes from Japan series

Scenes from Japan series

Nov 28, 2021

I moved to Japan in 2017 to work for a Japanese Multinational Corporate, as an accountant. I had two dreams then, become an artist and move to Japan. I was halfway! Then slowly I gathered courage to make art after coming back from work. Work was also busy but very boring. I hated it but stuck through it because I couldn't still call myself an Artist.

I observed and sketched around Japan. I started cutting them out on paper, not with any specific aim but just to keep sane. I started liking what I was making, I showed it to some friends and they liked it too. I framed it. Then started exhibiting them around.

This was the first piece I sold in an art gallery. I priced it so low, it was a loss. I did not know about pricing artworks, plus I was earning so I thought it was okay. I now know it was not. I had to learn to value my artwork, respect my own efforts, unlearn that art cannot pay your bills etc.

I think maybe I couldn't see myself as an artist because I had internalised that being an artist meant - no income, lot of struggle, no respect etc. I wanted financial stability, do work that I loved and enjoyed, be fully confident of my ideas and work. I had to unlearn everything I knew about being an artist.

Buy me a coffee is also another step in my journey of being an artist. If you can, please support me in this journey. In the process, you will be helping me and others reaffirm that artists can be financially stable and are respected. I will be forever grateful!

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