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Welcome to Cards & Convos, dear friend!

Enjoy your weekly dose of affirmations, inspiration, and connection! Join us free on Zoom each week as we pull affirmation cards from numerous affirmation and oracle decks. The conversations we have here are truly amazing, and even magical. 

Take time to pause, center, and reconnect with yourself, and grab your journal for suggested writing prompts. The gratitude and insight that comes your way will be transformative! 

How do I know? Because I created my own affirmation deck during the troubling times of the 2020 pandemic. Through writing and creating, I saw powerful and inspiring changes in myself and daily mindset. This is why I offer you these uplifting sessions at no cost.

If you enjoy this time together, I'd appreciate if you bought me a tea. Recorded videos are then posted on my YouTube channel. I'm saving a seat for you. xo


Join us free!

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