I 100% believe planting and nurturing trees right now is a key factor in reducing and even reversing the devastating effects we are experiencing as a result of climate change. Climate change is our fault and we need to take immediate action.

I am a self proclaimed tree goddess. I have led numerous tree planting projects in my city and in my neighborhood. I'm on our park adoptee team where we planted over 200 trees in our local park. And I even plant tree saplings on the sly, checking on them and protecting them from getting trampled and mowed.

One Tree Planted is doing amazing work around the world and plant tens of millions of trees a year. These are people who should be revered, honored, and absolutely supported. A one dollar donation allows them to plant one tree. They have made it incredibly easy for us to easily understand the significant impact our donations can make.

Please visit them and marvel at the sheer scale of their initiatives. Then please come back, join us Cards & Convos for free, and help me support them by buying me a tea. xo