One. It is the beginning of everything we track and count. The first one. One of many to follow. Little ol' 'one.' And then there are two, and four, and eight and so on.  

You may already know about my wholesale shop on Tundra, and I'm thrilled to share my heart and soul with those kindred spirits in other cities and states. But everyone loves their hometown and I'm excited to have the Messages to Myself affirmation deck included in three local gift shops

Since I delivered my batch of cards to be distributed to these stores in mid-March, I’ve been wondering… anyone connecting with my cards? Do they feel my intention? How many people have picked it up and looked it over? Did they say “hey, cool!” or “what in the world is this?” Naturally we think the worst and doubt that good things are happening for us. It's a hard mental habit to break.

Recently, I was thrilled to see my first consignment check in my mailbox! My questions had  been answered, and that answer is ONE. ONE person visited her local gift shop and connected with my affirmation deck! I imagine her picking it up, admiring the lavender organza bag, looking it over, reading the affirmation displayed on the back, and saying to herself “oh wow, I need this in my life!” This little daydream makes me smile. 🥰

One. It may sound insignificant. Yet that one special person will tell her own special people about her Messages to Myself affirmation cards, and that’s how anything good gets started. For this humble beginning, I am ever grateful. 

Having the support of kindred spirits like you means the world to me. You can support my efforts by liking my Facebook business pageleaving me a Google review, buying me a tea, and sharing a social post or email with one other person. Just one. 

Remember that touching just one person’s life is a gift we give ourselves. xo