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How to create WooCommerce Dynamic Product Table | JetEngine Plugin

Sep 22, 2021

Looking for a WooCommerce table plugin? Well, you don’t need one because JetEngine is capable of creating a WooCommerce dynamic products table and building a query specifically for it.

💡 Tip 1. Find Tables Builder in External Modules and make sure it is enabled.
💡 Tip 2. Dynamic Tables Builder works on the basis of Query Builder, so first you need to create a query for it.

◼ Add a WC Product query for the table to pull the data from this source
◼ Fill in the columns with appropriate name and choose the content to display there
◼ Select Raw Value to showcase the content as it is
◼ Create Dynamic Listing template for a particular column content to organize them faster
◼ Add as many product columns as you need to showcase product image, brand, category, etc.
◼ Customize and style the table to match your website
◼ Add pagination to allow the users navigate through the products easily

Get JetEngine: https://bit.ly/2WwMWK1

►Responsive Tables and Charts Builders Demo https://bit.ly/3yqr1Rz

► Tables Builder Overview https://bit.ly/3gPBQX8


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