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JetPlugins Features That Might Scare You

Nov 02, 2021

Watch our tutorial to shake the fear off and learn how to use 13 scary JetPlugins features in a more relaxed way:

00:00 🧹Please park all brooms at the door...
01:09 🎃Midnight Macros
02:08 🎃Scary Profile Builder
02:55 🎃Knock, knock.. Data Store
03:47 🎃Post Submit Actions Set?
04:39 🎃Spooky Query Builder
05:33 🎃RIP or Rest API?
06:17 ⚰️Coffin Break☕
06:50 🎃Mega Scary Mega Menu
07:48 🎃Post Type Relations
08:50 🎃Grim Repeater Field
09:55 🎃Zapier & Integromat Curse
10:36 🎃WYSIWYG Casting Spell?
11:46 🎃Glossary Potion Recipe
12:54 🎃Dynamic Visibility Magic Formula
14:08 🕰️Dong...dong...dong...


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