It has been said that a wise man has a happy face.  If that is true then I don’t know what that says about the time we live in because I seem to see a lot of grumpy faces these days.

Consider this: if you were starving and someone offered you a meal, would you not rejoice in not just the offering but the moment of delectable taking of food within your form as it satisfied that lack?

Now consider this: we live in a constant peddling of fear and sadness by media, we doom scroll, we rush around like maniacs trying to ‘do the right thing’, but do we feed ourselves?  Do we recognise the joyous and beautiful offerings in abundance for our inner sustenance?  We seem to spend a lot of time ‘fighting for’ the world we don’t want.  I wonder what of living and planting seeds of the one we do?  What of taking the offerings of joy, of love, of peace and celebrating them to the heavens, as they will not come again in such a form?  

Will you look back at your life and think, “I didn’t dance, I didn’t celebrate, I didn’t remember how extraordinary that time was when I could have, and now it is gone”.

It’s not that famine, or war, or loss does not come but that in spite of that, we can find moments of peace joy and connection and this is what sustains us through the hard times.

My name is Kate E. Deeming, I am normal person from Philadelphia PA, now I live in Glasgow.  Sometime ago I discovered a special key I had to opening the door for happiness for myself and others.  It’s dancing in many wild and wonderful forms.

Today I am the Dancing Lemon, in the past I have been the Dancing Christmas Tree, the Disco Chicken, the Groove Tomato, the Boogie Unicorn and Glasgow’s Resident Dancing Queen.  In my neighbourhood of Pollokshields the kids refer to me as ‘their dancing lady’.

Between now and the 21 June 2022 I am pledging to dance 500 miles (and 500 miles more) to bring joy to your door.  

I shall chart the story here.

Feel free to #getIn #dance #beHappy #wisdom #Glasgow #Pollokshields