Are you running out of time????

What do we show to our children? What messages and images are they surrounded by in their day to day? How will they remember their time as children?

I have a memory. 1980. Mrs. MacDonald's Classroom. St. Joseph's Primary School in Cheltenham, PA. I was seven. It was the last day of school. And like many Pennsylvania June days on the lead to summer holidays, it was a roaster. My knee-high socks constricted around my legs as sweat dripped down the back of my neck. The sun streamed in hot through the windows and we strained with our humid induced heavy eyeballs to watch the school clock reach 3pm and the final bell which would chime the start of a race. The marathon of summer holidays.

Back then the goal was as much fun as could be found. And despite not having much in terms of material things, we found it. We created fun via races, and games, plays in the back gardens and the like. It was free in every sense and it was fun.

I know now the world was not perfect, I know now that my parents struggled at times to provide for myself and my siblings, I know now about the rise in serious crime in my neighbourhood, and of the poverty on my doorstep and beyond. I know now of political woes and wars. But my childhood was not defined by that. My memory of that time is fun. And that fun sustains me even now.

It is such a short period of time for children to have that. That freedom. That space without worry. Where Mum and Dad say 'It IS going to be ok'. Because in all of time we have survived in terrible situations and children need to know that.

In Pollokshields part of our story is me, the local dancing lady. For years now I have installed myself as a feature in this community. Manifesting fun shenanigans for joy and beauty.

One morning a 4 year old neighbour came out of her flat, saw me dancing on the corner and remarked to her Mum, 'She's been out there all night'. For this four year old, my presence was as much assured as the library, the street lamps, the rain.

And I do it for that. For them to know that fun is always possible and fun always happens.

And with that I am blessed with children's joyous recognition and that unique sparkle all children have. They come to me bursting with dances and ideas.

I love this more then I can say.

That said I do wonder in our current world if we value this enough. We seem obsessed with making our children into good citizens and forget the importance of play and fun for it's own sake. The world in and of itself seems caught in an apocalypse loop and we are bringing our children with us. I have met some very beautiful 7 year olds who are already too serious for their years. Too worried, too responsible for the ills which are many.

Leo Tolstoy said famously, 'The two most powerful warriors are patience and time'.

One might say we are running out of time. And it's not time getting away from us, it's US that's passing it by, without thought to it's absolute precious nature. We are racing through this life and not living, not celebrating what is possible in front of us.

Our children are our future and our reminders. Take the time. Hold it. Fill it with what brings your joy and beauty. And let that radiate into the lives of others.

I want to thank all my supporters and contributors so far. The Friday disco was fab! Much fun and dancing shenanigans were had, and memories were made. I am taking a wee break as is Easter hols and have to parent my own wee dude. That said I have danced 74.5 miles of joy this past month towards my 500 mile goal and it's been amaaaaaazing!!!! Working on my summer lemon costume as we speak.....

Many blessings and happy moments to you. I hope you have much dancing! The Lemon will be back next week! xxxoooxx