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The Groove is Alive in Pollokshields

May 12, 2022

The many faces of groove in #Pollokshields! 

Today's corner disco was at the bottom of Shields Road/St.Andrews Drive and had loads of in the car dancing and quite a few dances on bikes!! It was beautiful and joyous, sunny and fun!

As it was my first time during commuter hours at that location many of the kids (who I know from workshops in schools) were surprised and happy to see me, and got quite a bit of 'dalking' (dancing walking). Also folks stopping for a 30 second groove. Got car dances, honks, smiles, cheers.... it was a veritable party!

Had a lovely interaction with a wee toddler who recognised me from my Boogie Unicorn Gig Mini Manoeuvres and was hypnotised. Had another toddler squeal in absolute delight at the sight of me <3 

On leaving Aftab from Garlitos Cafe gifted me with a LOVELY coffee (do go!) in thanks for my efforts. 

What a lovely home we have!

I will be back to Corner Disco action on Tuesday and Wednesday at my #KenmureStreetlocations and back to Shields Road Thursday! So many good grooves, thanks to all who shared the dance 'floor' with me! #FeelingGoodin Pollokshields! #JoyBus#GetIn! #Dance#community

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