So it turns out the lemon CAN cheer up the lemon. Once I walked out the door smiles met me every boogie. First up one of my wee lassies from the nursery 'finds' me. 'She has been looking for you' her Dad informs me 'She always talks about is the lemon out today. She saw you first as the tree and now she always looks for you'. Wee lassie does not just COME to find me but brings a beautiful GIFT! A wee Daphne leaf - or Laurel to some of you. Now I don't know about you but if you think about this remarkable act, I was feeling sad and a beautiful child needed to find me with a gift but not just any gift a LAUREL! In paintings of old you will see wreaths of laurel placed onto the subjects heads.

From Dr. Google: "The laurel wreath was used by the Ancient Greeks. The laurel wreath was a symbol of Apollo and the leaf itself was believed to have spiritual and physical cleansing abilities. Ancient Greeks awarded laurel wreaths to victors in the Olympics and poetic competitions".

!!! So I think the act of her awarding that to me certainly made me feel like an Olympian!

After taking the laurel I continued on my groovy way and was met by a whole array of happy folk, keen to chat to dance, to toot and to smile. This is the everyday for the dancing lemon!

Special shout out to B. one of my older dancing ladies who I met on St. Andrews Drive "where you been? Not seen you in a while" she greets me simultaneously having a shoogle. B. was looking particularly fresh, so I told her so "You are looking very good today B. very fresh!" She told me it was because she had her brisk walk around Maxwell Park and incidentally 'because one has to enjoy life when one can!' Wise words for us ALL to remember!

I leave B. and head the way towards Nithsdale whilst waiting for light change a full 59 bus sits idle at red light. As if by magic nearly the whole bus laughing starts to mirror my actions. For about thirty seconds we are dancing, me - Lemon on the street. Them encapsulated on the bus. It was LITERALLY a JOY BUS. Time we all got on board!

Seems dancing lemons can heal all sorts of things that ail us, even ourselves!

Where do you think I should dance next?