Did you ever consider how much of our world is based upon the good intentions of others? That we are veritably embraced by the good acts of generations of people before. People whose names we will often never know. From the pavement we walk along, to the trees we gaze upon, to our very fabric of life, who assisted in our birth, teachers of our parents, the list goes on and on. This concept brings me so much comfort. There is so much goodness to be reminded of just by looking around and grounding oneself in the moment.

Outdoor dance is so much that for me as well as a time to be present in my body and to engage with physical world. Often that involves me finding new moves, but it is also about having conversations. The lemon, as was the dancing tree, as was the disco chicken, is a centre point for people's stories. People find me and want to talk. I am the keeper of many stories (and secrets) of Pollokshields. Some secrets, like all, will go to bed with my on my final day, others, the stories (if the giver wishes), will be shared.

On Friday I embarked on another dancing day and came upon a family of three. They greeted me as friendly Pollokshields families are wont to do and I began to explain my (lemon-ed up) self. Despite being a 'feature' in the neighbourhood for some years now, I never assume anyone knows me. Turns out I was wrong in this instance though.

Father and Mother (W. and I. ) were so wonderfully complimentary about my dancing and my work in the community. Their flat overlooks Glendale Primary School, they 'have been observing me with the children for such a long time'. 'What you do is wonderful' they remark, 'we see those children brighten up like light bulbs when they are with you, we talk about it, thank you so much for what you are doing'.

We got into a conversation about faith, service and God. W. said that in Islam intention is very important. And what he witnessed in me (which is accurate) is that I had good intentions and that it brought forth joy. 'My daughter's name means 'bringer of joy', this should be you' he iterates.

This got me thinking about intention and planting seeds. My eye gazed at a shrub in the garden next to where we were standing speaking. I thought 'I don't know who planted that, and I don't know what the seed looks like, or did, but I see the bloom'. The presence of the bloom should bring us back to the seed and the planter. They existed and they (most probably) never saw the bloom. But we do. Life is like that.

So often we don't know if what we do 'bears fruit'. The person who laid my pavement, taken for granted, might not reflect on how much pleasure having a wide smooth walkway brings to residents. From small kids learning to cycle more proficiently, to people having comfortable informal conversations. Sometimes I questions what real benefit my dancing has on my community. I question everyday 'is this enough'? 'Is this right'? Sometimes it's hard as I am planting the seeds of joy. I live in hope the seeds will make a difference and leave some sort of energetic and practical legacy for the future. Only time will tell, and I may never know. In the meantime I can remind myself to acknowledge all the other wonders that have been laid out around me, for my life. And perhaps that is how it should be.