Why is the GED Math Crash Course important, anyway? I mean, there are a ton of GED resources available for students already, right?

I created the GED Math Crash Course because I was a GED math teacher who couldn't find resources appropriate for struggling students. I noticed that high level students could pass math based on just the Kaplan or a similar resource, but newbie and struggling students would get stuck studying basic math (like long division or adding fractions) for literally years without ever getting to what's most important to the test.

I taught the students in my classes very differently. Every student, regardless of starting level, was doing algebra, data analysis, geometry, interpreting word problems, or slope/lines in my classes. Some at a beginning level, yes, and others at an advanced level. With this method, my students were passing math in 1 - 2 semesters rather than years, as with other teachers and schools.

I had all my materials on a college website and would share it with other GED teachers in conferences and such, but I didn't think it was fair that all GED students couldn't access it, so I started making the GED Math Crash Course in my spare time. Christmas and Spring breaks, nights, and weekends, I worked to build the website so students studying independently could use my system.

All my resources are always free. But, yes, I really appreciate those who support me financially because I quit my job as a GED teacher last December because Light & Salt has become a full-time job all of its own and I was pushing myself to the breaking point trying to do both (and be a mom to 6 kids) all those years.

Right now, my husband and I are just trusting that God provides for us, as Light & Salt doesn't make but $100 or so a month on YouTube and that's my only source of steady income. But He has come through month after month, providing for us in mighty ways. Whether you choose to give or not, if you are the praying sort, I would appreciate your prayers for my family and for Light & Salt. I am confident that, even if no student or instructor were able to give, God will provide for every one of our needs as I do what He has called me to do!

Thank you all for the very great pleasure of getting to play a role in your successes. I cannot express to you what a joy it is to see you all accomplish your goals.

So very proud of all of you!