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Thermal Binder Machine for New Workbooks

This machine will enable me to bind my own workbooks rather than going through a publisher or print shop, enabling me to keep prices as low as possible!

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GED Test Expenses and Groceries for S

I am hoping to raise enough money to cover the costs of S's remaining two GED tests and to help her buy groceries for the next few months as she finishes up those subjects. For years, S has been let go from or passed over for job after job because of her learning struggles and lack of a GED. Luckily, her partner has been working overtime for the last few months to allow her to use this time where she is unemployed to study full time for her tests. However, I recently found out that they are down to eating one meal a day (usually ramen). As you can imagine, this is not great for S's learning. And she is the most hardworking and deserving student I've ever met. Here's a bit of her story...S has been working on her GED tests for a decade. When I first started working with her eight years ago, the results of her severe educational trauma were plain. Her anxiety was through the roof when we worked. She flinched and teared up every time she admitted she didn't understand a concept or asked a question. It took many weeks to master each new topic, partially in fact to her learning struggles but also because of her extreme anxiety. She'd grown up being berated and abused because of her learning difficulties, moved from school to school and often kept out of school for long stretches of time. She didn't believe she could learn. O, but, did she ever work hard. She'd practice each new skill for hours and hours and hours, doing every homework assignment I asked and way more. If you've ever wondered why some of my Quizlet sets have hundreds of similar problems, that was for S. She'd practice each concept so much, she'd have all my questions memorized and I'd have to add more and more similar examples so she could continue to practice until she really got it. She pushed through frustration and fear time after time after time. And she began to learn. And learn and learn and learn. She was making up for a lifetime of missed chances. In the last 8 years, she has gone from a 3rd grade level to 11th grade reading level. She reads daily now and loves books. She often has to read with a dictionary at her side, but even then, she pushes through. S works every single day on Read Theory to increase her academic reading skills. And it has paid off. This year she finally passed her science and language arts tests, both reading based. But they still weren't easy by any means. She took them repeatedly, having to pay the test fee over and over until she passed. Now she is working on the most challenging reading based test, the social studies. She has taken it 3 times now and her last attempt fell just below the pass level, but she hopes to retest before the end of the year. As for math, S has progressed from complete ground zero to a burgeoning algebra student. She works on math 5 or 6 hours a day and I struggle to convince her to take breaks. She just scored a 145 "pass" on a Math Ready test last week so she is VERY close, but I want to her to keep practicing until she can acheive a 150 score to allow some wiggle room for her extreme test anxiety. Her goal is to have her GED by the end of 2022. I don't know if the timing will work out, but I know one thing: S will not stop until she reaches her goal. That's just the kind of student she is!

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