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    Hi I’m Kate and I’m an artist from New England who’s passion for art began very young. Overcoming difficult challenges changed my view on life, including seeing my congenital abnormality as an immense gift.
    I had several surgeries starting at age three and learned early on that staying positive is fundamental in life. Being in a body cast often throughout childhood enabled a passion for art to grow, planting seeds that later inspired my work and to share my story.
    The Master Works are a series of paintings that embody various historical and philosophical references in addition to psychological symbolism, to help shed light into the darkness of the mind.
    I did not know what I was doing when I painted the first Work, “Balance,” in 2017 and had not intended to create a Series. I just let go and went with the flow. It wasn’t until I started researching into the subconscious reasoning behind what I was painting that I could appreciate the power of symbols. Then I realized that the Series can be utilized as a tool to help others. “Without making a sound Art is Louder than the Lion; It is substance for the soul.”~Kate the Artist