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I'm Kat and I'm here to remind you that you deserve movement that is joyful, expressive, and allows you to feel present with yourself. 

I am a woman with ADHD and yoga has done nothing but amazing and transformative things for my life and my mental health. Through yoga, I've learned to cultivate more grace for myself and my weaknesses, and I've learned how to slow down a bit more and really let myself feel into my body. 

Through yoga, we can learn to better love and care for the messy humans that we are! There's something so freeing about mindful movement, and I'm here to help you discover and explore your own joyful movement!

In my hatha style classes, you can expect the following: 

1. Permission to do nothing

2. Lots of variations to suit different body types

3. Reminders to say nice things to yourself 

4. Rejection of a need to be perfect or look a certain way 

5. Lots of thorough cuing 

Classes are suited for beginners first, but also would be great classes for intermediate or advanced yogis looking for a back-to-basics class. 

Drop-In Pricing is offered on a sliding scale - no one should feel priced out of a yoga class - pay what you can! 

Currently, all classes are on Fridays at 8pm central! More classes likely to come! 

Wanna hang out in my livestream? Check me out on Twitch! I do flow arts, gaming, and some community yoga classes!


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