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Happy Su- oh wait, it's Monday? Jeez.. h ...

Happy Su- oh wait, it's Monday? Jeez.. here's the schedule this week!

Aug 09, 2021

Hi friends!

Trying to keep on that weekly email stuff.

Not a lot of stream stuff happening this week - my energy levels are dipping overall - but here's what we are up to!

Tuesday morning will be an AM stream doing some makeup and hanging out.

Wednesday night, at 7pm central, we'll be doing a fundraising stream to send money to the front lines of water protectors who are fighting the creation of Line 3, a tar sands oil pipeline that encroaches on native territory and threatens water supplies. We'll be learning about the problem through internet materials and all money sent to my Paypal account that day will be sent directly to the front lines using the donation form at stopline3.org.

Some affirmations for the week:

Love is abundant around me.

I am worthy of calm, compassionate love from those around me, as well as myself.

What I've been up to this week:

Twitch user BigGunsNeverTire turned me onto a game called Pulsar: The Lost Colony. It's like being in your own Star Trek series! Get in a spaceship, bop around the galaxy, go quests, it is SO much fun. Highly recommend!


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