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Regarding the Future of The Haplee Hour

Jun 21, 2021

Hey everyone!

So I kinda had a huge health problem come up at some point?!?! It was the worst. Lots of abdominal pain, feeling scared of food, it was NOT cool.

Naturally, friday night yoga classes had to be cut from the routine in the interest of my health, and now that I'm feeling better and have some care plans under my belt, I wanna talk about the future of this Buy Me a Coffee account:

The subscription service "The Haplee Hour" will be dissolved, so to everyone who participated, thank you so much! I enjoyed doing it, but I just do not have the spoons to do a weekly subscription at this time, including the kind that I had in mind.

I still want this account to be a place where I curate art and blogs, but now, that content will not be particularly consistent but it will be absolutely free.

When it comes to yoga, I will still be teaching, however, all classes are now on a Pay-As-You-Can drop-in fee at $4, $6, or $8 levels, which can be purchased on Buy Me a Coffee. Keep an eye out for emails on scheduling!

Thank you all so much for the support so far and the understanding that sometimes things just change <3


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