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I'm a Scotland-based freelancer, passionate about bringing people together, leading creative projects and strengthening communities. 

Throughout August 2020, I used my Twitter page ( to share one lesson each day I've learned from founding, leading and championing community-based projects. The aim is to share what's worked (and what hasn't), to help more people get started at turning their ideas into reality. 

The whole resource is available for free - on Twitter, via my website ( and as a fancy flip-book on Issuu ( 

There's no obligation at all, but if you've appreciated this resource and would like to buy me a coffee, you can do so via this page. Thank you!

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I am still thinking about the recent training event with Eden - you are a mighty and inspirational woman, thank you for sharing your work! 

Wow - thank you, so kind!

Christine and Tony Ball
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"Be kind. Don't be a dick." The best advise ever. Xxx😂 

Annie Marrs
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This thread has reminded me of the many reasons why working with communities is good! And that while we question ourselves, actually we know it deep down! We just need a nudge back o track every now and then. Thank you. X

Thanks so much Annie, that's so kind. 

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Thanks for the e-flipbook! 

You're so welcome! Thank you for the coffees, really kind of you

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great tips! Thanks