Buy Katie a coffee


Did you know Katie's on a journey to write a textbook on the topic of Church Communications? As an assistant professor at the School of Business at UM, she's already teaching advanced strategies to student leaders for the next generation. Now Katie's been asked by a major publishing house to pen a textbook to help more people across the country get up to speed on the practices involved with Church Communications.

But writing ain't easy folks. She's going through outlines, research, citations, drafts, edits, revisions, writing, post-it notes, concepting, and more. That's a lot of grueling work. Hours and hours and hours and hours of work.

What would help? SOME COFFEE! Let's cheer her on, and see what an over-caffeinated Katie looks like. Well, maybe not that, but, it would sure help her get through the long nights of manuscript writing in this season. (This ain't a fundraiser, but truly just a rah-rah encouragement campaign for Katie because we are all rooting for her!) So if you're a support and fan of our very of Katie Allred, would you consider chipping in and buying her a coffee or two or three? ;-D