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How To Lose Arm Fat Through Yoga Practice

Mar 25, 2022

Would you like to reduce fat at your arm, tone up the muscles and have a stronger arms?

This is the focus for today online yoga class on how to have a toned and stronger arms regardless you have a weak or strong arms now as I always try to give some variations for you to choose.

Therefore, there will be a variation that you can practice definitely until your arms are stronger before you go for a more in depth variation.

If you are interested to have a longer hours class in order to enjoy a more complete effect from this practice, you may check it out my this longer hour class HERE.

Please also find below some of the online class links which I have mentioned during the class:

1) Downward Facing Dog & Counterposes Variations

2) 20 Benefits of Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

3) Seated Sun Salutation for Beginners

4) Seated Sun Salutation Flow for Regular Practitioner

5) Traditional Classical Sun Salutation Sequence Step by Step

6) Sun Salutation Playlists

7) Yoga Deep Abdominal Breathing

8) Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique

9) Yoga Breathing Playlists

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