Buy Kat Jenkins a coffee


I'm just a townie who moved to the country. Now I plant trees.

In 2019, my partner and I bought and moved onto a 15ha lifestyle block. Now we live in a compound of small buildings and we're getting on with turning it into paradise. 

We live here with our cats, cows, chickens, ducks, and a rabbit called Bunbun who has a flasher house than we do.

We have 4.5ha of native bush which we are removing the weeds and possums from and will be working to restore and improve. And we've got 10.5ha of grass. There is so much grass you guys.

I'm in way over my head and I've been blogging about our journey on my website. If you find my content interesting, or educational or you just want to make a contribution to our cause, this is the way to do it!