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As an IT consultant, I use my tech and business skills to help companies help local communities and the world. If you're a fan of my work, please consider buying me a coffee. I appreciate your support!

Some of my recent projects include:

  • Quelled a women's health practice's data loss fears by spearheading a project to move the client from an on-premise server to the cloud, while adhering to HIPAA compliance requirements.
  • Advising a walk-and-talk mental health therapy startup on business initiatives, UX, and project management to help grow their patient customer base.
  • Orchestrating ongoing website improvements for an international student research program organization.
  • Modernizing an enterprise application for a mental health services nonprofit organization to reduce staff time spent on operations activities.
  • Overseeing the redesign of a mobile driver app for a fast-growing digital convenience delivery service.
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I commend you for spending your precious time to care about others. There is so much going on in this world. You and SkilledNotIll choose to make the world around you better for anyone that crosses your path. I wish you well along your journey. It was nice to meet you as a mentor, peer, and a friend. I am happy to support your cause. 👍 

This is the nicest message. I could cry. You have ALWAYS been a true supporter, and I appreciate you more than I could ever express. Thank you so much for this more-than-generous donation. I'm so glad you're my friend, and I'm beyond honored to be considered a mentor to you. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

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Great cause! Keep getting after it! (Lindsay from Riverfront North) 🙌 

Thank you SO much, Lindsay! This means the world to me coming from you. I love Riverfront North!!

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