I have a few new things to say. First of all, Thank you for the donatation! I appreciate it a lot!!

Secondly, I managed to save up for a drawing tablet. I am currently trying to "move to" Paint Tool SAI and the tablet. I don't want to make a full "switch" but as for now I do feel more comfortable using it. Who knows...how it will turn out. We'll see.

Thirdly, I hope I'll manage to do an update for Cherry Bride this week as I skipped the previous one(I was in need of a break).

Side note: I don't post much currently on BMC like fan art requests, commissions etc (I have only icon commissions open). I hope I'll do this in future. For now, I'll post short updates on what I'm doing art-wise, some of my artwork and practice pieces. These are all public as well, so you can always see them.

That's all, thank you for reading<3

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