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My name is Nour, and I am a Lebanese story writer and poet. I currently only write stories and poetry that reflect the energy people touch me with, so I am like a walking vessel. People pour themselves into me intentionally and unintentionally as I go about my life, and I release all that overflow of feelings into words.
I am currently working on a book project: It's an interpretation of life through my eyes, and I want my loyal readers to embark on that journey with me, maybe even help me write it.
The book is not the only reason why I'm here. I decided to stop downplaying myself as a writer and start taking my career path seriously. This path includes me making changes in people's lives because that is my purpose. Ever since I was a kid, I just knew it. 
I hope, deep in my heart, that you support me and stay by my side on this fun road towards finding myself and the true meaning of life.
Subscribe as a member, buy me a coffee (or better yet, a book) and get ready for some early drafts, sneak peeks, poems, and a lot of stories of characters that live in my messy but beautiful mind.