This is the reason why elitism exists, social and class hierarchies have nurtured into inequalities and insecurities develops into civil wars and petty fascism. For me writing on issues that are contentious and have a slight urge to offend the lords, I mean to create senses that do not engage just metabolically. By here I mention all the superior beings who are more educated, civilised let alone do not engage in robberies.

Education is empowering and the ditch it digs where moralized intellectuals dump themselves. But the hands that reach for their help, to make them pull out of the hollowness and snobbery are itself thrown into another ditch of darkness after the pretentious finds its way to the industries of human vain. Let me simplify this orchestra of befuddlement, a business man will restrict its presence from muddling with the inferiors. A girl with great grades will hate meddling with the ones who do not touch the textbooks, a boy with exceptional notes will not muddle in a dim-witted band lest if he wants to make it to the billboards, a mother turned teacher will not spend the rest of her free time meddling with the women who do not know their sexist comments. They do not like it, they avoid it but if they mingle, there is a profit, escalation of reputation and an enterprise to uphold. I strictly do not advertise that education and empowerment makes us non giddy, it is an instrument where the gap between classless are not justified with rationality.

A person with wisdom is a father of the nation and the impoverished slips into the mansions and is prone to be out in paroles. What can we do, how do we cure it, is there a remedy, questions of class inequality and social disfigurations are not easy to cure or address because this manifests into rapes, molestations, murders, thievery and mental health disorders. If this is to end, human race will end and the vision of utopia will just be an odd idiom.

I have to confess that the more I gain knowledge about deranged things which are considered imperative that more I grow apart from the people who possess not even the slightest word of it. I do not like engaging with people who possess less of sympathy towards the things that are considered salient. The more I spend my time prying with the bunch of people who possess ingenuousness and intrigue, I feel like in a competition where even if I fail I do not considered this as ominous. At the end I would like to preserve this hostility by calling out great people to strive for stars but be cautious when a poor walks past by you and that you must have the potential to throw a penny in his bowl of shrewdness.