‘It's heroin,’ Viola’s mother, Mrs. Josephine screamed stridently.

Viola was 17 when she was found consuming lofty amount of Charlie and Dexedrine. Her stepmother Mrs. Josephine being a pretentious and outrageous lady tried to become a janitor whenever and wherever viola was concerned. That night was the 15th time Viola was caught in flagrante delicto according to her mother’s prevailing records.

‘Have you had a breakup up again or has your beloved bought you a new toy to gobble?’ Mrs. Josephine raised an eyebrow while enquiring.

‘You are hardly in sync with what I am going through, you are at most bustling with your pastime and that is my father. Stop acting like you are my mother or can replace her disposition from my mind.’ Viola expressed her disapproval of the way she was avoided in her house.

Viola an idiosyncratic and a feminist loved spending much of her time in cafes and Nathalie’s room. Nathalie is the soul confidant of Viola. The first time she was drawn into the dread hole of drug consumption was by Nathalie. Viola was indiscriminate about her long blonde hair which was the glossiest in the Cleveland city; her eyes were crystal like containing powers of a sorcerer. After falling into the hands drug enslavement, viola was found half the time lost in her hallucinations in the bathtub ignorant of her sleek and bosting body. Mrs. Josephine was more worried of her being a sufferer from Hynagogia and personality disorders which was more evident in the growing ages.

‘Hey, Silvia pass me the towel,’ Viola dictated to her undersized sister

‘Stop commanding and start requesting or else don’t mind me telling dad about your latest partner in Mount Cleveland.’ Silvia taunted while passing the salmon pink towel to her elder sister.

Viola disregarded the gibe and busied herself putting on a pencil skirt with Navajo white polka dots adjusted with a black shirt. She is a jewellery fanatic and completes her sassy yet simplistic outfit with over the top accessories. While wearing her black stilettos, she gazed at her sister with guileful and spiteful eyes. Her cordial bond as depicted in front of their kindred was a baseless relationship in reality.

“Bye mom and your little daughter has made out with Edward last night and she threatens me to reveal my secrets to you” Viola rebounds her little sister’s trick.

“Do you have any?” questions Mrs. Josephine with irresolute eyes.

“If I have, why should I confess, you aren’t my secret diary!” viola once again lashes out at her stepmother and depicts her unsound relationship with her.

Viola marches out of the house and jumps in the SUV owned by her beloved, James while Mrs. Josephine rechecks on her and gasps how she has failed to mend her bond with this naive and delicate child. She often worries about her when she reaches to the main entrance at midnight or even late. This world will be harsh on her; she used to kill her remaining time thinking about this in her office.

Mount Cleveland, a prestigious high school was ranked second by the United States federation of high schools rankings.

Viola was quite contrary to her personality when it comes to academics. Viola embraces Nathalie and Susanne when she reaches the hallway of the school near their locker.

“Did you hear that john has been accused for delivering cannabis to his juniors and holding an alliance with college sophomores” Susanne stammered while announcing this to viola.

“James did not disclose this to me, how long has this been going on?” viola seemed befuddled by the news because john has been her closest drug dealer and buddy since childhood. Nathalie and john were dating a year ago and like the separation of their dealing business their relationship ended six months before. Voila knew that the police investigation would hold them accountable and their dreams to see themselves install a band in the near future will thump like shattered pieces of vase.

Soon, the bustling crowd of students from all the section marched towards the auditorium.

“Where are they heading off?”

“The officials are penetrating in every bag in every classroom in search of armour and drugs.” A girl in ivory shirt and denims with grey eyes informed Viola’s friend circle.

The auditorium was the most spacious place and private at the same time. Nathalie and john have had explicit moments in the nooks of the auditorium. It was specifically called the lover’s section which was also familiar to the teachers around the school.

 After the investigation, the police retreated back to the principal’s office with desolate expression which gestured that they were unable to find any evidence.

After the arithmetic class; viola, Nathalie, Susanne and James were called in the principal’s office. The indication was towards suspicion and it wasn’t jovial for their future. What will happen, how will they survive, what will be their destined future, how will they make it? Questions were endless but there laid a relentless hope, to survive and to release themselves from the clutches of enquiring eyes.

“Good morning students, this is Mr. Pete Davidson, senior inspector at Cleveland police department, he will be asking you all certain questions and being an honest individual, I have faith in you four.” Principal Kalman comforted them with his uneasy accent.

“Hello students, let’s get to the point straight, my team has recently found an unrecognizable body which on further investigated resulted that the corpse was of john.” As soon as the words slip from his mouth, his friends could feel the air become thin and memories revert back to remind them how they spent their childhood with him.  

“So, do you want to accuse us of murdering him and concealing his body” James was fumed partly because of the announcement and partly due to his love for his best friend, with whom he used to maunder around in search of strip clubs, latest drug applications and courtesans. James would wander around in need for women of the streets until he met viola. James had no idea how this relationship was forming them but he was clear that viola brought unprecedented mental and physical pleasure and he would not let her leave him.

“I don’t have any intention of accusing you, nor do I tend to put you all behind  the bars (minors have no penalty) but one of the town hunk who reported about the body near the green mill lounge reported that there was a tiny chit which said ‘my friends know why I died’ which clearly indicates that you all know may know the root cause or any sort of information that can aid our investigation” Mr. Davidson points out a tiny chit packed in a transparent plastic to avoid any intrusion in the fingerprints.

“Has the forensic department been successful in identifying whether john was murdered or he committed suicide?” Principal Kalman politely interfered in the atmospheric tension and revealed his discontentment when he got to know that john was found overdosed.

“What do you want us to do now?” Nathalie wiped her tears off and initiated to help to further identify the reason john succumb to the parallel world.

“Tell me everything, and don’t break faith in me towards you clever teenagers” Mr. Pete Davidson could see fierceness and fear in their eyes at the same time.

 John was a butcher’s child who was enthusiastic about consuming romantic novels and Dextrine. He was a prodigious individual who knew how his family is earning while doing the night shifts to pay for is education. He was never a religious fanatic like his parents, though they were abstained from the Catholic Church due to their profession. John was a tall, sulky and an African American who could easily sway people and roast them for his benefits.

“One week ago, we were supposed to meet at the green mill lounge for business.” Nathalie exclaimed while stammering.

“What business?”

“We were into drug buying and reselling from the noodle gang who was known for their precision in the region. The green mill lounge was unofficially a granted headquarters for any businesses which would fill their bank accounts”

“So, you are directing me to the noodle gang and they are responsible for killing john, am I right”

Yes, because john refused our proposal of going to the lounge instead we found him dealing with the head, Mr. Rapaazi in his hotel room which fumed me and we had a fight later.” James tried to fight his expressions which were reluctant to tell the truth.

“Why was the business so important that you fought with your brother and ultimately killed him?” Mr. Pete Davidson intentionally increased his pitch just to end the story which according to him was not true.

“Alright, sir first and  last warning, I have not killed my friend, just a verbal argument won’t kill a man and the reason for my desolation was that our team primarily decided that we would deal with the noodle gang and negotiate him that he divided the profit equally. The drugs were to be transported to Czechoslovakia and Istanbul, but the noodle gang used our skills and in return we had nothing in hand. However, when john negotiated with that dickface on a lesser compensation that costed us our lives which made me lose my calm” James tried to sound as polite and comprehendible to blur the visions of the investigators mind

Things will only fall into place when he will ask the same questions in the same tone with the head of the noodle gang. He may know the truth and blow the stream of revelation in the faces of these men who claim to fight for justice and truthfulness. Viola and her friend had an unconditional faith amongst themselves.

A wooden textured gateway; pulled aside led to an avenue where the police officers were intrigued. Mr. Davidson slammed the door near the veranda and confiscated packed bottles of Bordeaux. The treacherous ambience around the underground club gave negative vibes. Noodle gang influenced teenagers from this under constructed region, thought the junior inspector Jenna.

“Mr. Davidson, the door opposite the living room is the only place locked, order me and I will break it” Jenna’s voice echoed around the gloomy area where the noodle gang conversed for hours and discussed strategies for expanding their service to the men ranging between 40-60 years old in the country.

“It is the only reliable option”

Sometimes efforts are the only pissing thing. How much you try to wipe your sweat, cement cannot be reversed to its original state until a drop of water melts its tenacity. Noodle gang was not a malicious group until they gave up their high school diploma to converge their interest into drug dealing. The police investigators have been looking for the noodle gang for the past three years. Whatever crime, whatever region the suspicion shifts to the noodle gang. Mr. Pete Davidson submitted himself to search for them in a creepy place and like each time, they have been fleeing away and the unfrequented efforts of the police are clearly proven short-sighted.

The team was returning to their gypsies when suddenly Mr. Davidson’s phone buzzed and everyone shot a gaze of alertness towards his mobile. It is uncommon to gaze at a policeman’s phone but anybody calling on Davidson phone during the work hours held strong information.

“Hello, Pete Davidson, Cleveland police department, how may I help you” this sounded more of a can-I-take-your-order introduction but any version would have worked in these times.

“Good morning sir, this is Czech department of crime and control and we have arrested some group called noodle gang. They were found crossing the borders of our country without a verified passport and holding tons of nicotine. We have tried to reveal from them and this is where we tried to reach. They are in our custody and before we move to accuse them for breaking the international law by surpassing the borders without permit, we would like to hand them over in your department’s custody" A young and stern voice elaborated on the incident and this was shameful for us to expose our criminal minds globally.

Three days passed by and there was not a speck of information related to john’s murder which had exhausted the attempts of the police department to extract verdicts out of these heinous people. Moreover, it was astonishing that they dictated every criminal record about their gang and John’s misled death was not even on their shelf. Lie detectors and forensic testing were the only thing that was to be trusted and it revealed answers in favour of noodle gang. They were never released but they were not to be further suspected.

It was midnight when Nathalie’s mother called her close police friend, Jenna to inform her that her daughter is missing. It was peculiar for Ms. Osberg because Nathalie was an introvert and did not join any of the hip hop clubs actively working at night. She expected Jenna to bring her daughter immediately as it was not safe to wander around in Cleveland. Jenna tried to comfort her with the Ms. Osberg with plausible response she could relate to as a female.

“Yes, ma'am I am in patrolling and I will bring your daughter as soon as I catch her glimpse, don’t worry ma’am.”

The next thing Jenna was complacent about was Nathalie did not take entry into any of the night clubs that functioned without any restrictions.

However, Jenna gasped when she found her concealing; john’s belongings from that day with her partner in crime James. The hole near the mail box aided Jenna to peep into their actions which was malicious and unexpected like in every criminal stance.

“Nathalie and James, you will feel secure in the jail. So the best option is to surrender yourself without any smart move.

Nathalie and James were prepared to hobble around the town so, as soon as they heard Jenna order them to obey her. The likeminded children fled away in two different directions which was a strategy commonly used by fear predators. Jenna and her joint officers vigilantly admired their ferocity and under fifteen minutes, they were sitting facing Jenna, confessing their deeds about how they grappled his neck to death and overdosed him to make him look he committed suicide.

“Two teenagers arrested for murdering a high school student in drug dealing while the noodle gang confessed their crime records.” A small corner of daily times dedicated an article about drugs, teenagers and the case at Cleveland.

Viola never discovered the newspaper with that article, because her mother wanted to protect her daughter from desolate invasions in her mind. Her school never discussed how their students turned out to be killers of their trustees.

“Hey Susanne, do you want to hang out tomorrow at green mill lounge” Viola politely recommended.

“Do you want to rewind what took our friends away?”

“No, we are meeting again with our friends, they were successful fleeing away from the jail” viola’s voice rose with elation because a mastermind behind a plan has achieved a new portal to travel in.

It all comes around the way it started.