This dark confession and I am slightly frightened because life is keen on this one especially. When I thing what intellectualism and witty comprises of, I also measure it with the amount of narcissism packed in it and while there are certain or I should numerable cases where a little to no knowledge can also harbour self conceited individual. But with this, when I look myself, scoring satisfactorily in school (at least get on the toppers list) teachers of my school give credit to my wits, which I inherently appreciate (pardon for extrapolating words) it but just gauging the amount of marks I have secured. Moreover, there was a humiliating or lesser from of discomposing experience where my English teacher asked some basic general question which I was unable to give. This really pesters me not only on that particular moments but every time because I am decrepit. The feelings are so risible and churning that I can’t stop feeling low or demoralized but improvement will only give you bonus that will not act as a bogus. Being an introvert and told to be a reserved child, explorations are limited for me but with the advent of technology, I have become more acquired with lessons that will be noteworthy even for centuries (I can’t guarantee that) but I really like when I transform myself into a gobbledygook and look for sentences to reach to the end of the page and today you may count this one so. I have met intellectuals and I should rather add this in my gratitude list but with this encounter, I have comprehended that information invigorates and makes you a leader even when you are not meant to be, gotcha but this time, education will lead a world to proper and promote peace. In return humanitarians will be benefitted with the way that no other politicians have ever sought of. By the way special shout out to the underrated movie how to fake a war where with incredible cinematography, things turn out to be surreal and crystal clear when you see it. Moreover, this also petrifies me when a bingeworthy movie turn out to be one not in the list of all the citizens and people who call themselves witty and certainly prodigies. Sometime, I also feel rotten tomatoes and Imdb are flawed and work around for movie lovers more than the credibility f the movie. Well, why am saying this is very much clear as democracy is turning out to be favorable to the politicians and not the citizens which is causing mayhem and all we can react to this but confessing that we are not as honest than we are told so.