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Welcome! [下面是普通話]  I'm Kayla Cosmos, traveler, freelancer, and creator (particularly on Youtube!) 

I started my journey as a creator in Taiwan where I explored abandoned military bases in Kinmen, jumped off mountains in Hualien, and ate my way through night markets all over. All while documenting it. 

I left Taiwan in February of 2022 and am currently out traveling to wherever life takes me. That's currently Colombia.

Please consider donating as I pursue full-time freelancing and creating content on YouTube regardless of the revenue it brings.

 It's not easy to live the life you want, but it's worth it to try, so thank you for being a part of the journey!

歡迎! 我是 Kayla Cosmos,旅行者、自由職業者和創作者(尤其是在 Youtube 上!)

我在台灣開始了我的創作之旅,在那裡我探索了金門廢棄的軍事基地,在花蓮跳山,在各種夜市吃東西。 一直在錄音。

我於 2022 年 2 月離開台灣,現在我要去任何地方。 這就是現在的哥倫比亞。

當我全職從事自由職業並在 YouTube 上創作內容時,請考慮捐款,無論它帶來多少收入。