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I am an outspoken freedom advocate and a fiercely independent filmmaker, author, and musician. I am also an expert in media manipulation and propaganda techniques. I train people on how to identify and free themselves from these techniques and also how to use them to create good content to help society. 

Staying independent is important so I can maintain a high level of integrity in my work and freedom from censorship. I can provide my work to the outlets I trust. And most importantly, I can choose to provide my work directly to the public free of charge.

Being independent means I have chosen to forfeit a regular and large paycheck from organizations, and I rely on supporters who see value in my work.

If you appreciate my work and my ongoing efforts to educate and empower Americans on freedom, you can support me here. I will keep you updated regularly so you can see the impact of your support.

Whether it's monthly support or a one-time virtual coffee, please know that I truly appreciate it and I truly appreciate you

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