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Bridging the Gap Between Musicians and L ...

Bridging the Gap Between Musicians and Listeners

Dec 30, 2020

With your help, we can keep KC Cafe Radio on the air brewing fresh music for our audience.

Our goal is to create a bridge between performing artists and the people who are hungry for new and unique musical entertainment. These are the same people who regularly visit coffee shops and other local venues in search of such talent. They are tired of the monotonous entertainment that is repetitiously served up by the mainstream media, and are desperately seeking new sounds and experiences they can relate with and enjoy as their own. On the same front is the independent performing artist, who is seeking those individuals who appreciate his or her talent, but find it difficult to “get the word out” about that talent. Many of these individuals are working with limited resources, most of which is spent on performance or recording expenses, with little or no funding left over to adequately promote their talent. At KC Café Radio, our goal is to bridge that gap between performer and consumer, using an approach we believe is not currently available. 

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