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Hi. My name is Keenan The First, and I’m a coffee addict. I’m also an artist, business owner, and activist based in Chicago but let’s be real, I’m caffeinated AF. People are often impressed when they find out my lyrics are largely based on true events. I cringe at the distinction of “Reality Rap,” out of redundancy (in my esteemed opinion), but I’m also just narcissistic enough to not correct you in public. I live by the mantra: do what you love, everyday. I freed myself from the jail of expectation the day I embraced my calling, and it’s my hope that everyone experiences freedom. I’m a multi-media, hybrid creative who is always pushing to innovate beyond the obstacles. Press Play on my music so I can pay the University of Wyoming back, $0.004 at a time, or buy me a coffee to keep my engine running!
SS bought 5 coffees.

stay energized my brother 🤘🏼