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Hey friends! 👋

I'm asked fairly frequently for ways that you can help support the channel. Figured this would be a great easy way to do that 😊 

The coffee will help me power through making more videos. Any donations that I don't spend on coffee will go towards upgrading my computer/filming equipment. Thank you all! ❤️

Joe bought 5 coffees.

I've been taking various classes on python through udemy and codecademy, but I have to say that your content blows their expensive stuff out of the water.You're really good at what you do and you've taught me so much in a short period of time.Thank you <3

Thank you so much Joe! It has been a pretty crazy past few weeks for me so these coffees are clutch. I really appreciate your kind words and I'm very happy to hear that the content has been helpful for you. I wish you all the best!! :). 

Hoi Hoi
Hoi Hoi bought 3 coffees.

Thank you so much for doing this. You help me learn this stuff in a way that's not intimidating.

Ashlan bought 2 coffees.

Your videos are excellent & well-formatted real helpful :) Get yourself two coffee, or just one really big coffee

Thank you so much! I had a nice large pumpkin iced coffee today and it was delicious :). Enough money left over for another one soon.  I appreciate it and happy to hear you enjoy the videos!

Константин Плужников
Константин Плужников bought a coffee.

Good job, man! Good luck in future

Thank you! :)

Tyler bought a coffee.

Keith is the man! Learned so much from him