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Hi! I'm an artist, writer, and arts educator with a widely multi-disciplinary studio practice that ranges from “traditional” mediums (drawing, painting) to new media such as digital, video, and installation. While drawing with just about any medium is usually my favourite thing, I also love teaching art and learning new ways to be creative!

A current project I started this Valentine's Day 2022 is called #365LoveNotesToSelf in which I aim to do a self-portrait every day for a year as a way of finding self-love in the mirror. When the year is over, I aim to publish my #365LoveNotesToSelf journal as a book to share what I've learned through 365 days of caring for myself this way, and in doing so, maybe something in my book will inspire or encourage someone else in their journey, too.

You can help me with my project as well as support my creative practice by buying me a coffee and I'd be ever so grateful as your generosity means I can keep making, sharing, and teaching art with you.