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I just created this page and, for a writer, I am awful and determining what to say here!

There are at least two separate sides to me. First, I am an educational advocate, especially for students who are neurodivergent and/or have learning differences or disabilities. I also am in the process of completing the first book of my fictional urban fantasy series and copyedit on the side.

Like so many others, the past two years have been rough. I have learned how important my creative side is and the need to pursue it. It doesn't take away my passion for helping students, but I have pushed off my creative side too long in the attempt to focus on just making ends meet.

I have been putting out educational materials on TeachersPayTeachers and videos for advocacy on YouTube. Working multiple jobs makes it hard to focus on my love for my writing and my series, but I am making it a priority. Art, the creative spirit, is an integral part of all of us.

More information on the book release coming soon! 

**Website is under major construction**

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