Hi Everyone,

I am now officially offline from the collective energies and directed to focus on the work I'm required to do at a personal level. This means there will be a disruption to my availability for services including personal tarot readings and one-on-one sessions during October.

For at least the next few days I will be unavailable for all services, so the booking facilities for these services are also currently deactivated. My responses to messages and emails may also be disrupted and delayed.

I'm not sure how this will impact the Working With The Moon series. We are in Dark Moon right now, moving into a Voc later today, and the Moon beginning its transit of Libra later tonight, and then New Moon peak at 21:05 tomorrow (AEST), so there is a lot happening. Guidance on whether I will be given the updates for this and the next few transits will be in-the-moment and in Divine Timing.

The last messaging I received before stepping back from the Universal level was that after the current merging process there will be a divergence that will see the first wave of this cohort move beyond the current concept of time and space and into the process of Unified Consciousness. The wave behind that will move into another round of the trigger and release cycle, and the new wave coming into the cohort will begin to experience kundalini activations and first-phase trigger and release cycles.

The individual experience will be different for each of us.

In addition, we are already noticing the impacts of the upcoming nodal shift, with feedback coming in on observations of polarity changes, and sudden changes in the direction of purpose and passion. Multiple new and different opportunities are currently being presented to assist in finding the frequency match. The guidance is "Don't take action before action is required." Observe the options, but don't make a choice until they have all presented because each will resonate in different ways, one will resonate more fully. There is no associated timeframe supplied.

So, while I'm not on the front lines for the time being, I hope to be back on deck as soon as possible. Thank you all for your continued support and patience while I go through this part of my personal transformation.

Loving Kindness,

Kel 💜