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Ruthless original | 02.23

Feb 28, 2023

Hola friends! Many of you have seen that in response to my last roundup here, I spontaneously decided to throw myself into the 100 days of practice/ise challenge on 01 Feb, sharing insights into both my daily technical practise and the scope of my conducting practice more generally. Clickthrough for my declaration in full:

Any+everyone welcome to checkout daily updates in my IG and FB stories by clicking on my avatar, plus those who follow me on either platform should see my story feed at the top of their own homepage

Enjoying this return to a more conscious evolution.. plus the unforeseen challenge of not boring you all (or myself) to death! Thanks to everyone for your curiosity and support so far—February never felt so long 😂 but worth it for the progress and to read all your q's and comments

I was back at the Barbican last week surtitling the iconic Nadine Benjamin in a truly inspired collab with Caroline Jaya-Ratnam and Michael Harper; congrats to everyone on that show but otherwise another pretty quiet one for me this month.. a few ruminations here

If anyone reading needs a conductor or related production support for your future projects, now is a great time to reach out as I'm working to my own R&D schedule: current offerings here and/or open to proposals as ever

And finally—more great listening was had this month and visionaries noted so thanks as always to the music makers

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