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I am a full stack developer. I create tutorial to help you to learn faster. 

Now I create a series of tutorial about aws CDK. 

I also stream Civilization 6 in Twitch 

Mostly help you learn more in Serverless, Lambda, APIGateway, DynamoDB etc, and provision all this stuff just using CDK. 

This is my work :

I experience in Android and React.js 

Framework that I use normally is Next.js and Gatsby.js 

I can use Docker as well, play with Python various framework like Flask, Django. 

Database: MySQL, Postgress, MongoDB etc. 

I tell you this, cause I will create more content about all this stack to document what I know. 

Consider to support me, so I can share the source code in my tutorial. Of course, you always welcome to read it for free. 

I hope my content can help you. Feel free to connect with me in Twitter