Greetings from my couch in Kansas!

This past Wednesday I returned home from one of the best trips of my life. Europe for Free was one of the most energizing and encouraging experiences I've ever had. But the best part is that a trip that should have cost us upwards of $15,000 ended up costing $4,000 for literally everything. That's 31 nights in six countries, with eight plane rides and numerous five-star hotels for two people and only $4,000. Not to mention all the points and miles I earned during the trip. I'll take my victory lap now.

I received so much positive feedback from my Europe for Free that I wanted to help you create your own experience, too. That's why on June 1st I'm hosting a live webinar where you can learn exactly how you can budget travel hack your way to a month-long trip of your life for pennies on the dollar.

In the webinar I'll teach you how to create a budget travel hacking strategy, maximize travel card sign-ups based on your destination/s, find award bookings, develop a day-to-day budget and even tell you a bit about how my husband negotiated working remotely and how you can, too.

What I'm most excited about is that the webinar will provide you the skills to use for a large trip, like Europe for Free, but it also gives you a budget travel hacking framework to help you get started with any travel goals you might have. I want everyone to travel more and this webinar will provide you the tools to do just that.

I hope to see you June 1st at 8:30 EST! Cost of attendance is $5 and includes the presentation, recording and a worksheet with all the resources I used for Europe for Free.

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