Tomorrow I'm publishing a big life update on my blog. I'm quitting my job so I can backpack Europe. And, as rash as it might be it's the best decision I think I've ever made in my life.

Europe for Free started as a way for me to deal with my quarter-life crisis, which at the time of creating the project was spiraling completely out of control. Largely, my mental health struggles are from my job. I've known I'm not where I want to be in my life but I've struggled to find a way out. But for about a year now Europe for Free has been my escape from my very shitty reality.

As someone who tries to always do the "right" thing, quitting my job without any prospects seems so wrong. So wrong in fact that I actually asked my employer to let me work remotely and come back to the job I hate. Fortunately they said, "no" and something like, "You can go on your trip or you can stay in your job but not both." Ouch.

Yet, my employer telling me no was perhaps the best thing to happen. I should have never asked to stay. I'm so unhappy and I'm ready for the next chapter in my life. But it feels so wrong leaving my job, having nothing lined up and absolutely zero plans of what's to come next.

And yet, I'm so relieved. I'm nervous but hopeful. Taking a month away from all work responsibilities to backpack Europe is a dream many will never fulfill before 65.

So, what's the point? Well, I think everyone should get a little uncomfortable from time to time. It's the only way you grow. Life is too short to waste away in an office job you don't like hoping to have some good years left at 65. So ask yourself, "What's the worst that will happen?"