Kenjie Suarez

I Did Not Learn English In School

Sep 18, 2021

This book is written for non-native and native speakers of English alike. What gets revealed if you are a native speaker of English reading this book is what really goes through the mind of a person learning English as a second language.

Topics include the toughest challenges ESL students are facing such as:

  • How To Learn English Fast

  • How To Sound Like a Native Speaker

  • How To Improve Your Vocabulary

  • I Can Read, Write, and Understand English, But I Can't Speak It

  • You Speak Too Fast!

  • My English is Poor

Writing this book is one of the scariest decisions I've ever done. I did even ask myself, "Why are you doing this? Why do you have to spend so much time contributing your thoughts and words? 

Why do you have to spend days and sleepless nights and months crafting this book, improving it, editing it? Why?"

Because I CARE! I can't help but F***ING care!

I am seeing ESL students-from the richest to the least privileged-who have trouble with English, and they're getting worse. To help, I wonder if I could share a bit of my story.

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