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Build a successful, fulfilling career as a developer, regardless of formal education or professional experience.

Hey there!

My name is Ken. I help developers build their dream careers, regardless of formal education or professional experience.

Back in 2014, I got my first job as a web developer.

I had no college degree, no bootcamp, no existing experience, and no network. I now have a remote job as a React developer that I absolutely love.

Over the years I've learned a ton about how to build a web development career from scratch and I want to help other developers do the same.

I do that with the community I run called Build Your Dev Career. When you join, you get a custom career roadmap from me, where you and I sit down (virtually) and walk through a personalized roadmap for how to get from where you are now to where you want to be in your career.

After you get the custom roadmap, you have access to the community to get help from me and other developers on the same journey as you.

We do weekly group mentoring calls where you can ask me anything you want. And I also hold one-on-one office hours that you can schedule with me if you need some additional help.

There's no contract or obligation and you can cancel your membership or rejoin whenever you want.

If you are sick of being stuck in a career you hate and want to build a successful, fulfilling career as a web developer, we'd love to have you.

When you sign up here, I'll reach out to you personally to schedule your custom career roadmap and get you added to the community.

We're just getting started, so the community is small and growing!