This is the very first experiment of my new sampler with PureData.
This patch has 3 tracks and reverbs for each track and direct signal from instrument.

I am making this PureData patch for my new project but it is for standard laptop that is fast enough even if it is old... ( In fact, Laptop made in 2010 with Core i5 2.53Ghz and 4GB memory works always without problem by using linux os and puredata ) I didn't know if this touchpad PC ( Fujitsu arrows tab q506/me, Os : Linux Mint) in this video is enough fast for this patch. So I tried to know how it works. If it works I that will be nice for the concert for my new project because of its portability.

I see when I used only 1 track, it works very nice. But with 3 all tracks, it makes digital click noise when i hit some button on the patch. I know from my experience, this is because of lack of PC resource ... So this set up is for single track sampler with reverbs. It is already good enough for simple set.

This is simple diagram for this video.

Audio interface : Behringer U-phoria UMC204HD

Foot switch : Home made from PC keyboard.