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👋 Thanks for stopping by! I am the creator of Minimal a distraction-free UI for Obsidian.

Minimal is the most popular Obsidian theme, and winner of the official Best Theme award. My goal is to continue shaping Obsidian into an app that feels native across platforms, and allows you to create your ideal second brain.

Supporters enable me to continue offering Minimal for free, and keep it up to date with the latest Obsidian improvements. Minimal receives frequent updates, and these wouldn't be possible without your help. Join the membership for early access to major new features 2-6 weeks before I release them publicly.

My theme and and plugins

Minimal Theme is a minimalistic UI replacement with a Mac/iOS flavor
Minimal Theme Settings to edit colors, fonts, and features in Minimal
Hider allows you to hide elements of the Obsidian UI
• Web Clipper bookmarklet to capture web pages in one click
• System Dark Mode switches between light/dark mode to match your OS

My frameworks

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