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Boris Johnson apologises for work event that looked like a party.

Jan 12, 2022

Boris Johnson has taken the public for fools by telling us the party he attended last 20th May was a work event. So Boris Johnson has admitted to having been at that party on the 20th May, only it wasn’t a party apparently, he thought it was a works do. We’ve seen the email from Johnson’s own private secretary, its inconceivable they would’ve sent such an email out without the boss’s knowledge and it clearly stated that it was an opportunity to make the most of the weather to have some socially distanced drinks and for people to bring their own booze! What work do tells you to bring your own booze, especially one being held during the working day? Now Johnson made the point that he considered the garden to be an extension of the office, a communal space, however when we were not even allowed to meet other family members outside in our own garden’s this is not going to go down well and for that reason Johnson apologised – apologised for how it looked. Even if it is proven to be technically true, this was blatantly a social gathering and not for work purposes so it still falls afoul of the restrictions in place at that time. He deservedly got the PMQ’s from hell just now with even Keir Starmer finally calling for Johnson’s resignation. I’m still amazed he did it, his polling lead depends on Johnson staying put, but consider that that is exactly what Johnson is doing, he might get away with it and even gain support. Putting all the pressure on Sue Gray, the civil servant conducting the investigation into this was a dick move from Bozo too. How much pressure may be exerted on her over this? How much pressure might she be feeling under this? The optics aside from that are appalling though. His apology has gone down like a cup of cold sick even amongst his own MP’s, they know it isn’t enough. If the inquiry finds against him, he’s just dragged this issue on longer than necessary, if he gets cleared it’ll be considered a sham. There’s no win here for them. There are thousands upon thousands of bereaved, angry, upset people everywhere, who obeyed the rules, have tragic stories to tell and this buffoon who applied the rules to them, broke them himself and still seeks to excuse himself of any actual wrongdoing. This was not a work event, it was a social event, therefore it breached the rules. Johnson hasn’t apologised for that at all, he is maintaining the lie that it was a work event and apologised for things looking otherwise, an apology with all the sincerity and grace as a reversing dump truck without any tyres! Tory backbenchers ought to spare Sue Gray the damnable position Johnson’s lies and misdeeds have put her in and act accordingly and immediately. It’s past time Cressida Dick stopped hiding under her desk and stepped in at last too. He has to go as soon as possible.

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