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Damo's Proper Job New Years Honours List ...

Damo's Proper Job New Years Honours List.

Jan 01, 2022

The New Years Honours was a display of crass chumocracy by the elite. Let's say proper thanks to those more deserving. What a crap way to start the New Year, having a rant about the has-been Blair and other outrageous New Years Honours list entries. Let’s turn it on its head and celebrate the people who deserve some proper recognition this year. No claps for the NHS workers please and no gongs either, but what they absolutely deserve for trying their damndest to keep us all safe, keep us well, keep the NHS going is the damn pay rise they deserve of 15% instead of the real terms pay cut they got off this government. Celebrate their efforts this year by supporting them and demanding they get their pay rise and demand the NHS be properly funded before it packs up completely. It’s on life support now, say something about this this year. Next I’d like to celebrate the brave men and women of the RNLI who have rescued people at sea not based on where they’re from, not based on the colour of their skin or the language they speak but because they’d drown otherwise. In the face of rampant abuse, they’ve kept on keeping on and deserve a donation or two if you can afford it and some appreciation still if you can’t. Politics might be utterly crap whichever party you look at these days, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t have campaigners doing a stirling job out there. Whilst our NHS staff are there to look after us when we need it, be that COVID related or not, others are out there demanding more be done besides this and I want to pay tribute to the Hive and Safe Ed For All, the parents led campaigners who are still fighting to get our schools made safe so our children aren’t being used as a vehicle to spread COVID through our communities. Kids go back this week whilst COVID cases have continued to climb through the holidays, listen to these people, follow and support them and again call on your MP to demand more be done. Schools can be fitted with filters for half the price of a royal yacht folks, think about it. Also I want to pay tribute to the campaigners fighting to waive patents on COVID vaccines. The big Pharma companies are raking in billions right now at the expense of poorer nations and guess where this Omicron strain originated. It is itself a consequence of capitalism and of profiteering and if we don’t come together as one people, one race to fight this thing properly, it’s never going away. I’m out of time I’m sure there are other heroes you’d like to see acknowledged this New Year. Who would you like to give thanks to?

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