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Happy New Year and Thank You for your support in 2021

Dec 31, 2021

A big thank you from me to you for your support this year in the work I'm doing & hope it'll continue in 2022. 2021 has been a big year for me, with the ongoing success of socialist telly, my Damo Rants, especially when you’re seeking financial support as I also began doing this year, launching a patreon and buy me a coffee as two revenue streams to help me build a business doing what I’m doing essentially, but beginning with just hoping to raise enough cash to improve my production. I now have a proper green screen, camera, microphone, lighting, subtitling and editing subscriptions, which I’ve been able to sustain and grow. My workspace is still a bloody mess though! But because of that I’ve been able to produce higher quality interviews, people who have benefitted from the Socialist Telly platform and been given the chance to say what they want to say without fear of a gotcha, or being cut off, allowing them to be heard where others want to keep them silenced or demeaned. I’ve produced over 156 videos in my own right this year, from Afghanistan, by-elections, trade unionism, fire and rehire, migrant abuse, the ongoing COVID scandals and failures not to mention of course holding all of our politicians to account, none of whom have shone this year, from purges to parties, they’ve all been dire and a lot more besides, never mind collaborating with my socialist telly colleagues on live shows and the campaign work with Safe Ed For All. None of this would have been possible without the support you’ve provided. We’re heading into a New Year of great uncertainty and it seems, little to be optimistic about. We’re still led by the worst government going and the weakest opposition to it in years. The cost of living crisis is still set to worsen and COVID is still dominating our lives. To top it all off our media fail us on a daily basis. I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to all who have helped me grow and develop this year and to let you know that’s going to continue in 2022. I’m now working harder than ever, pumping out more political commentary than ever before because frankly there’s a lot of slack for independent media to pick up. Your continued support is so appreciated, so important and if people would like to join and support me to continue my growth and development, well I’ve a few things in the pipeline for patreon subscribers, to sweeten the deal, but frankly its impossible without you. There’s no donors, no backers, just you, who watch and read and listen. Support your favourite independent media be that me or someone else, but do support it, because without it, well, you’re left with the BBC and the Murdoch Press and who wants that? Someone’s got to hold power to account, so be a part of that. It might as well be us!

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