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Liz Truss: Tories now coming out to OPPO ...

Liz Truss: Tories now coming out to OPPOSE benefit cuts.

Oct 05, 2022

Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng, having lost the argument over the 45p tax rate axing, now face a battle over benefits. So, Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng have been forced to row back on their axing of the 45p top rate of tax after Tory backbenchers spoke out against it, said they wouldn’t back it, saying it sends the wrong message to the country. What stopped you this time then? It’s the only reason your party exists isn’t it? Ah, but those enormous poll leads for Labour right now must be scaring the ever living c*ap out of those in marginal seats – the only thing that makes them nervous for their future prospects working for some wealthy tory donating s**tehawk, is the threat of losing their seat in the short term and right now Truss and Kwarteng are giving them away, so even the threat of withdrawing the whip has had no impact. Now the fight has moved onto benefits and in a somewhat surprising move, these same Tory backbenchers are now rallying against that pledge to not uprate benefits by the rate of inflation. Again, it’s the optics in the face of the voting public they’re afraid of, don’t believe for one moment they’ve had some damascene moment about the lowest paid and disabled, they don’t on the whole vote Tory after all. Paying for corporate tax cuts, the lifting of the bankers bonus cap and those bungs to the energy companies to offset our bills going up as a result of their greed being paid for via benefit cuts? That’s some levelling up going on isn’t it? Universal Credit recipients are the ones targeted here, along with working age legacy benefits and I bang on about this time after time, but 40% of people on Universal Credit are in work, the very lowest paid working people doing jobs that don’t pay enough for them to live on. Instead of levelling up so they no longer need benefits, Truss and Kwarteng would strip even more of their means to live off them. Former DWP bosses like Stephen Crabbe have spoken out against cutting benefits, Esther McVey – Fester McVile folks – even Fester has spoken out against cuts here. Of course Truss has her supporters too. Chris Philp, the patsy blamed for suggested the 45p tax rate cut has said the disabled and anyone working less than 30 hours should be forced to work cleaning parks or scrubbing graffiti for their ‘dole’ money completely ignoring the fact many disabled cannot work because they are f**king disabled Chris and many of the lowest paid are already working two or three jobs and STILL can’t make ends meet – there’s no more time in the day! Callous cruelty from a man as useful as an a*sehole with tastebuds with all the intelligence of two brain cells fighting over third place. How much longer are food bank queues to be permitted to grow? How many more deaths due to such sick Tory policy because they’re still happening even if you’ve stopped counting? Another U-turn needs to be forced here.

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