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MP of the Year Ian Byrne is fighting for survival in Starmer's Labour

Jul 29, 2022

Right to Food champion Ian Byrne has already lost 3 trigger ballots, all in suspicious circumstances. Who wants him out? As far as Labour MP’s go, most aren’t worth a second glance, but there’s a few who genuinely work in the interest of ordinary folk, so much so, they earn themselves recognition for their efforts, so let’s talk about the reigning MP of the year, Ian Byrne. Ian won that accolade in recognition of his work in providing food for hungry children. He spearheaded Fans Supporting Foodbanks, He was doing this work even before he became an MP, but gaining that position meant he could campaign to make the right to food policy and it has been adopted by local councils up and down the country. These are the actions of a decent, selfless man, the acts of the sort of person you want in government, that exemplifies the Labour Party and is among the best of them. Sadly the party is now led by pretty much the worst and Ian clearly isn’t wanted by Starmer and his ilk. Hard right media hack Lee Harpin, the journalistic equivalent of feeding a Gremlin after midnight, a man so right wing if he was a bird he’d fly in circles posted this image in November last year. As you can see from that picture we now know that Apsana Begum has been triggered, Sam Tarry, not just sacked from the front bench has also lost trigger ballots and we can see Ian along with Zarah Sultana too. Zarah is expected to be in trigger trouble and Ian has already lost two trigger ballot votes himself, but the spotlight is on those. In the first ballot it was reported that he had won it, most of the people there were there to support Ian, yet the Party has said he lost it. With evidence of fake votes being inserted into the dodgy Anonyvoter system to ensure it gives the desired outcomes, as was observed in one of Sam Tarry’s triggers, the results cannot be trusted. Byrne then lost a second trigger, but this was even more bizarre, because despite ballots not closing until Midday, Harpin, once again, reported he had lost it but did so more than an hour early! There was uproar as at least 7 Byrne supporters were barred from attending the Zoom meeting and the vote was lost by 2 votes. A third ballot was lost today. Vote rigging, Labour leaking info to hacks like Harpin even before results are in, imply some serious improprieties, but what kind of person looks at Ian’s work and thinks, we don’t want this? We need to know who is rigging these processes, who is leaking info to Harpin and in what capacity do they work for the party and we need to step up to protect the few decent MP’s like Ian Byrne left in Labour.

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