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Restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn.

Jan 25, 2022

Today the Labour Party NEC vote on whether to readmit Jeremy Corbyn back into the parliamentary Party. Huge day for the left today as the National Executive Committee of the NEC meet to discuss a motion to restore the parliamentary whip to Jeremy Corbyn. Team Keith have apparently been having a fit over this for weeks, so please join me in breaking out the tiniest violin for them as a mess of their own making looks set to blow up in their face. If Corbyn has the whip restored, the democratic ruling of the NEC which threw out his nonsense suspension will finally be upheld, Starmer will lose face for childishly suspending Corbyn from the parliamentary party after that NEC ruling, but that’s nothing he doesn’t deserve having broken parliamentary rules to do so, he doesn’t have the right to do it himself, it should’ve been brought as a motion to the PLP, with all the notice a motion ought have and the consequences, ie the length of suspension set out beforehand and Corbyn’s CLP has a right to be involved. Instead Corbyn has been suspended with no end in sight whilst Starmer keeps it ‘under review’, continuing to break the rules. Of course Keith is stuffed if the NEC vote to keep Corbyn out. Not only will they have given their assent for Starmer to walk all over them and any rulings they may make in the future, but to keep a socialist out of a democratic socialist party after having admitted a Tory with no questions asked into the Party, again not even consulting the relevant CLP, will detonate any semblance of Labour being anything other than Tory lite. It would no doubt trigger yet another exodus of members for a party already in financial dire straits if it does so. The vote is apparently on a knife edge, but if the NEC members really care about their own authority, the rules they allegedly uphold, then there is only one way they can vote and that is to restore the whip, otherwise they’re merely contributing to the death of their own party and giving Keith carte blanche to keep violating the rules to do what he likes. What does that say about you to your CLP’s? What does that say about you to the membership of your trade unions? It’s absolutely shameful that Starmer has allowed this to continue for so long, shows what a petulant individual he is and props to Nadia Jama and others supporting this motion for bringing it to settle the matter. You might’ve kicked the Forde Report down the road yet again Keith, but not this. This is a mess entirely of your own making and it’s time you were made to own it.

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