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Starmer's Israel statement won't fix the ...

Starmer's Israel statement won't fix the anger he's caused.

Oct 18, 2023

Right, so Keir Starmer’s reactions and statements on the ongoing Israel Palestine crisis have been criminal – literally – he advocated for Israel to be allowed to commit war crimes, which has already seen members and some councillors around the country quit the party. Things are so bad now, that emergency talks with the entire Labour frontbench went on yesterday to try and work out how they can limit the damage, with a statement on this just now published today. Meanwhile, Starmer issued another ill advised post on Twitter in light of the hospital bombing in Gaza last night and has been met with an avalanche of negativity, not least because he still has not apologised for backing Israel turning the water and electricity off to the Palestinian population of Gaza, but he hasn’t withdrawn those remarks either, so to all intents and purposes he is still standing by them and by doing so remains complicit in the war crimes being committed as directed recently by the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians. No longer is it enough for an increasing number of people to see that apology and retraction from Starmer, now literally a Kid Starver, they are by increasing number, wanting him out and with even more elected officials looking set to resign today as well, the pressure is going to grow on the Labour Party to do something about their Starmer problem, a man who’s unconditional ongoing support for Israel means he has blood on his hands and who nobody in their right minds should want to see put in charge of this country.

Right, so Keir Starmer had an absolute car crash of a day yesterday, entirely self inflicted, entirely deserved. His advocation for war crimes, his unequivocal support for the apartheid regime of Israel, rapidly becoming exposed by more and more people paying attention to the social media content coming out on this, the images, the videos, the first hand testimonies that we’re seeing that the mainstream media doesn’t cover and nothing brought this into sharper focus yesterday than the sight of the al-Ahli Arabi Baptist Church getting bombed, killing hundreds of innocent patients, medical staff and people seeking shelter there, unable to follow the evacuation order to move south. Where people had expressed their shock and horror at the spectacle, comments of that kind coming from Starmer, who has been unequivocal in his ardent support of Israel even to the point he backed their right to commit war crimes against Palestinians were as unwelcome as they possibly could be. Starmer tweeted out in response to that hospital attack: ‘The scenes of hundreds killed at the Al-Ahli Arabi Baptist hospital in Gaza are absolutely devastating and cannot be justified. International law must be upheld. Hospitals and civilian lives must be protected.’

It doesn’t say a lot does it really? Statement of the obvious, but after everything else he has come out with, a bit rich and so many people have said similarly. Palestinian Ambassador Husam Zomlot, who has done many media rounds and called out he blatant one-sided bias he has experienced whilst doing so said: ‘Why can’t you condemn this? Why is that so hard for someone with a background in human rights law? Is it because the victims are Palestinian Keir Starmer?’ Muslim comedian Guz Khan responded with: ‘Make sure this disgraceful cretin never gets into power. How dare he green light this attempted genocide of the Palestinians. Too late to backtrack because you’ve shit yourself Keir Starmer.’ Jewish former ANC politician and Starmer constituent Andrew Feinstein said: ‘I am embarrassed Keir Starmer that you are my constituency MP. If you can’t bring yourself to condemn Israel after these wanton acts of terrorism & genocide you are nothing but a heartless, soulless, mendacious & cowardly opportunist. Shame on you!’ Trade Unionist Howard Beckett came out with: ‘“Cannot be justified”? Hundreds are dead. Children not yet of school age are dead. Have you ever for a single moment imagined being a parent in Gaza before you come out with this insipid shit. Worse than pathetic. Absolutely disgusting. Not fit for leadership.’ The best response I thought though, came from former Corbyn staffer James Schneider, who won himself a bit of praise recently for rinsing Jeremy Kyle on his own show for being dishonest, said: ‘You cheerled these crimes. The Israeli State told the world what it would do & you applauded. You are stupid, a coward, a sadist or a combo of the three. Shame on you. Shame on you, you war crime cheerleader. All the perfume of Arabia will not sweeten your blood soaked hands.’ It’s the sort of language that tends to be reserved for the likes of Tony Blair, yet Starmer again has surpassed even that, by garnering such disgust for his support of appalling regimes whilst still in opposition. At time of writing Starmer’s tweet has been quoted almost 4,000 times and I’ve not seen one doing anything other than condemn him.

Let’s set that aside now though, because an ill advised tweet that has backfired on him is one thing, this came after he had supposedly been sat for hours in heated discussion with not just his shadow cabinet, but his entire frontbench team, looking for a way to move past the fact Starmer had given assent to Israel committing war crimes, that that Western encouragement he is but one part of, will have potentially emboldened Israel to commit subsequent attacks, they may otherwise have thought twice about. Starmer was already in the position where members were announcing they were quitting the party because of him, several councillors had quit too, In Manchester, Oxford and Stroud, with more poised to, they were just waiting for a statement to be issued by the Party leadership, by Starmer, to clarify Labour’s new position, to show they were prepared to move given the outrage Starmer and David Lammy and Emily Thornberry notably had caused. The full statement is quite lengthy, it is addressed to councillors, it speaks of Starmer meeting Jewish people at the local synagogue, humanitarian organisations operating in Gaza, I really don’t know where he found time for all the hiding away he’s been doing, but of the 5 pages of this statement, the last bit is really the most pertinent which read: ‘Labour has been clear; Israel has the right to defend herself, to keep its people safe and bring hostages home. Israel’s defence must be conducted in accordance with international law. We are also clear, the pain and suffering that has been unleashed is the responsibility of the terrorists of Hamas. Hamas are not the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian people are not Hamas. Indeed Hamas have no interest in the future and freedom of the Palestinian people, nor in peace – causes they have willingly, deliberately, murderously set back. Labour’s commitment to a two state solution – a secure Israel and a viable Palestine – is unwavering. You have my word; labour will continue to call for:

-Hamas to immediately release all hostages.

-All parties to act within international law and protect civilian life.

-Immediate humanitarian access to food, water, electricity and medicine to Gaza.

-Safe humanitarian corridors for those fleeing violence.

-Solidarity with all those faced with the barbarism of Hamas.’

There’s no criticism of Israel in there whatsoever. The blame still remains solely on Hamas, though at least Labour has now solidly differentiated between them and other Palestinians. Labour have not been clear on anything up until now except their unequivocal support for Israel which remains and a reiteration of Starmer’s backpeddling the other day where he walked back on his backing for cutting off water and electricity. He still has not apologised for his thoughtless comments and he has still not actually retracted the things he has said, he has merely said other things as well and given us his word! His word! What’s that worth these days? When has that ever counted for anything? The word of a liar the only assurance given. A day of discussion, the whole frontbench and they couldn’t convince Starmer to so much as say sorry, or actually, meaningfully draw attention to the fact Palestine is an occupied territory, in violation of international law and has been for 75 years. They couldn’t even get that, it was still at the end of the day, despite resignations of members and councillors, despite this exercise being designed to head off more resignations, they couldn’t actually get Starmer to budge an inch in reality. Now I can’t say for sure whether this statement triggered more councillor resignations itself, or more have just happened to have occurred today, but the Stats for Lefties Twitter account has been tracking them and today at time of writing another 5 Councillors have resigned from Labour, Russell Whiting of Gedling Borough Council, Daniel Lee-Phakoe has resigned as a councillor entirely on Newham Borough Council, Usman Bhaimia on Gloucester City Council, Mairead Healy on Cambridge City Council and Asima Shaikh on Islington Borough Council. Solidarity to all of those. By not budging I can’t see how Starmer can save face here, he’s going to drag out the pain in his party, there are two by-elections tomorrow, which might give an insight into the damage he’s caused if any amongst voters, but within the party, disquiet can and will surely only increase as this man still cannot bring himself to criticise the apartheid state ultimately responsible for decades of anguish in the region. Calls for him to go will only get stronger, but what do you think? Has he finally gone too far or is his statement fair enough? Do have a say on the matter in the comments below and be part of the conversation on this. Thanks for watching, I hope you found the video useful, please like, share and subscribe if you did, more content out daily. Meanwhile, here’s a video recommendation where Starmer backed those calls for collective punishment that he’s being held to account for now to a greater or lesser extent anyway. If you’re not familiar with where this comes from check this video out and I’ll catch you hopefully on the next vid. Cheers folks.

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